A new beginning

Jun 19, 2012

As many of you know, ODK is an academic research project, and as such, much of the day to day work is done by students. Carl and I were two of the first students on the project and because we have finished our Ph.Ds, our roles on ODK are changing.

Carl and I will continue our work on ODK as consultants who offer professional level support and customization services. That work will be done through Nafundi, a company we've started that specializes in mobile and server systems (e.g., mobile forms, medical records, distributed sensors) for challenging environments (e.g., unreliable connectivity, low power, novice users).

Our "core team" responsibilities have been transitioned to Waylon, Mitch, Nathan and Gaetano. That transition was completed about a month ago, and the team has been doing an amazing job building new features and growing the community.

It's been four years since Carl and I started working on what has become ODK. We are excited about continuing to work with the ODK community and supporting the core team as they take the project forward.

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