Nafundi discusses the paper problem on Humanosphere podcast

Aug 12, 2013

The Humanosphere site covers the most important issues in the global health, aid and development arena. They have a fantastic podcast and this week, they sat down with Yaw, Nafundi's CEO, to discuss what we call "the paper problem" in health care.

In hospitals across the developing world, critical information (e.g., name, symptoms, prescriptions) about patients is written down on sheets of paper. These paper records often have mistakes, are hard to search through, and sometimes just can't be found. The entire process is cumbersome and inefficient, and that can mean worse health outcomes for patients -- especially those with chronic diseases like HIV and TB.

This paper problem was the reason we started work on Open Data Kit (ODK). Today, ODK has been used in hospitals to replace inefficient paper forms and increase the quality of care. As the Humanosphere site says, "ODK is an amazing technology, but the story of how Anokwa has used it – carefully, keeping it open-source, and in partnerships with local organizations around the world – is just as important."

Listen to the interview for the story of how Nafundi came to be and for a sneak peek at what the next generation of ODK tools will look like.

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