Transforming chimpanzee conservation with mobile data collection

Oct 1, 2013

The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) wanted to empower local forest monitors with tools so they could contribute to an effort documenting the health of natural resources around the world. For this to work, JGI needed phone and tablet software that reduced data entry, increased data quality, and allowed each local community to make decisions using their own data in near real time. In a recent blog post on community forest monitoring, JGI explains their vision:

...enable real-time tracking of impacts on the environment, opening opportunities for responses and interventions to threats and changes in the landscape. Local forest monitors are outfitted with GPS-enabled smart phones. As they monitor forests, their observations are captured through these phones...then aggregated and can be observed in real time and tracked by scientists around the globe.

Nafundi has helped make JGI's vision a reality. Jane Goodall explains how in the video below.

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