In addition to our data collection services, Nafundi provides form design and server products for the Open Data Kit ecosystem.

ODK Form Design Tips

ODK Form Design Tips

Form design tips to improve data quality

The team at Nafundi has been designing ODK forms for almost a decade. In that time, we've learned a few form design techniques that has improved data quality for our clients.

ODK Form Design Tips is an annotated Excel file that shares these proven form design techniques, explains why they are effective, and provides practical examples in the XLSForm format that form designers can build on.

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XLSForm Offline

XLSForm Offline

The simplest offline form designer for ODK

Designing forms is the first step in a data collection campaign and XLSForm is a popular Excel-based standard for creating forms that work with ODK, Formhub, Enketo, Ona, and Kobo.

XLSForm Offline is an app for Windows and Mac that converts data collection forms created with XLSForm into XForms that can be used by the ODK Collect mobile app or ODK Aggregate server. XLSForm Offline also validates the XForm, ensuring that it will run perfectly with all ODK tools.

XLSForm Offline does not need an Internet connection, so it's always available, very fast, and easy-to-use. Just choose your Excel file and press a button to get a ODK-ready XForm.

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ODK Aggregate VM

ODK Aggregate VM

The easiest way to install an ODK server

Storing, visualizing, and exporting form data is a critical part of all data collection campaigns. The ODK Aggregate server does all this and more with data sent from the ODK Collect mobile app.

If you install ODK Aggregate in the cloud, you give up control over where your sensitive data is stored. If instead you install it locally or for offline use, the process will require hours of effort and deep technical expertise.

The ODK Aggregate VM is a fully-configured copy of ODK Aggregate that runs on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It works offline, provides complete control over where your data is stored, and requires virtually no setup. It's the easiest way to install ODK Aggregate.

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